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Duration:107 minutes
Casts:One Ok Rock
Director:Hiroyuki Nakano

Synopsis / Ringkasan:

The movie intimately covers lasts years Asian and European legs of their aptly titled world tour, "Who are you?? Who are we??" Spanning over a month a half, the movie follows the footsteps of the group though 12 shows in 11 countries; France, Germany, England, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Korea, Thai, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Taiwan. Performing for local fans in packed venues, the band is giving it their all and the fans give it right back in return. Backstage footage shows the nervousness and drama that comes with touring. Although already hugely successful in there home country, the band goes back to their indie roots as they travel across Europe and Asia. Experiencing different cultures and seeing new sights, this film shows their fight and hunger to get to the next stage, the world. The director of the film, Hiroyuki Nakano, is known for directing various music videos as well as having a long career in feature films. Working with many different musical acts in his impressive carrier, he successfully manages to capture the here and now of the current state of music through ONE OK ROCK. (limited screening 14, 15, 16 NOVEMBER 2014

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