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Duration:97 minutes
Casts:Rupert Grint, Peter Serafinowicz, Anthony Head
Director:Juan Jos‚ Campanella

Synopsis / Ringkasan:

Amadeo adalah pemuda pemalu tapi berbakat, dan berusaha membangkitkan kembali tim foosball-nya. Dengan bantuan para pemainnya, Amadeo harus menghadapi saingannya, Grosso. Dibimbing oleh ketuanya, Capi, semua pemain foosball dan Amadeo menghadapi petualangan terhebatnya lalu merebut apa yang sudah direbut dari Grosso. Amadeo is a shy but talented boy, and of a foosball team that is trying to get back together after having been dismantled. With the help of the foosball players, Amadeo will have to face his most terrible rival on the football pitch: Grosso. Guided by their leader, the charismatic Capi, the foosball players and Amadeo will set off on a great adventure together, like a true team, to get back the dignity that Grosso stole from them.

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